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Can someone edit my paper and how soon it will be done? We sure can – there is a paper editor for each and every document that hundreds of busy people send to us daily. We are ready to provide you with a dedicated paper editor faster than you can say: edit my essay! As soon as you hit us with your urgent request, the cogs in the huge machine of our service begin spinning and grinding. This could be something like edit my paper or edit my essay or even proofread my paper – it does not matter how you formulate your request as long as it exists.
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First and foremost, we are a highly experienced proofreading website loaded with many top-notch paper proofreaders and essay editors – we take pride in providing you with high-quality work. Your requests: I need a proofreader to edit my paper and proofread my paper is our goad to action!
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Why does your paper require editing and revising, after all? Why all this "edit my paper" routine? For instance, revising a scientific article before publication is much more than simply an important step - in academic circles, concerns like "proofread my paper" are completely unavoidable. Reviewing, or proofreading, or peer-reviewing your article is the next step in the advancement of your paper. Without things like that, it is impossible to verify the scientific content of the article - hire a specialist proofreader right now!

Edit my paper: how we review and revise

Normally, we assign a dedicated to a paper you send; thus, the process of reviewing the article runs in a smart and well-devised way. Papers submitted to various journals are first evaluated by the members of our Editorial committee. This committee consists of Chief Editor and associate editors together with contributors and editorial advisors.

Each request like edit my paper or edit my essay, or even proofread my paper is processed individually. The Committee first read the paper and then come up with a summary (please, mention in your order whether your journal requests summaries). Any professional paper editor knows: at the end of this first evaluation, more than 80% of the articles submitted for review are considered to be in need for a lot of amendments.

Your dedicated paper editor works right here, at our proofreading website - from the receipt of your order to its accomplishment each our paper editor guarantees your outstanding quality! Subsequently, in the process of processing your edit my essay request the selected article is evaluated by peer reviewers (or referees). For each article, our editorial committee chooses 2 or 3 specialists - your dedicated paper editor embarks on editing and improving the paper only after the specialists have given their evaluation.

Aside from being connected with thousands of experienced authors, each of our paper editors is connected to our own editorial networks and the list of top proofreader specialists in the relevant field of expertise.

I want you to edit my paper or edit my essay - what are the main reasons you should send your request to us immediately?

  • edit my paper - send us this if you do not have the time. The process of review takes an average of 5 hours, but it is also common to spend on it from 1 to 2 days;
  • edit my essay - approach us like that if you feel that you are incompetent in the field of academic writing;
  • proofread my paper - this is what you should place your order for if there is a risk your paper is not flawless;

How to hire an excellent paper editor

Edit my paper - what are the signs you need a first-class paper editor to make your paper spotless? Without a doubt, you need to hire a paper editor if one or more of the following points concern you:

  1. I want you to proofread my paper because I am a promising future author;
  2. I want you to edit my paper because I am aware of the latest advances in my field of study - and I want my paper to correspond to them;
  3. I want you to edit my essay because I am eager to enrich my list of publications;
  4. I want to find an expert proofreader to edit my essay because I am interested in expanding my argumentative capacity and progress in scientific/journalistic writing.

Our best paper editor will be working on the wide variety of papers: stories, novels, doctoral theses, journalist articles, essays, dissertations, scientific articles and written projects. We offer a professional service with which the correction of your texts, both literary and non-fiction is fully available!

Today, we can evaluate your texts in strict accordance with the standards of your educational institutions - your request like "proofread my paper" is what we specialize in. At our service, it is possible to find yourself a paper editor to be certain of the correctness of your paper before it goes to press, evaluation committee or your teacher. With our proofreader online, your texts acquire quality and the contents shine and appeal to readers with more force.

Proofread my paper - Ortho-typographical correction

It includes correction of grammatical errors: orthographic, morphosyntactic, semantic. Also, your edit my paper request means that we guarantee the stylistic correctness of the text: rhymes, repetitions, inappropriate phrases, redundancies, topic-irrelevant words, so on.

Your dedicated essay editor corrects the text itself and attaches a report where all the necessary explanations are supplemented with examples and further suggestions to improve the text. The report could be sent to you by e-mail or the website"s messaging system, depending on the size of the work and your personal preferences.

Edit my essay - Overall evaluation of the work

It consists of a critical reading that brings an overview of the literary quality of your work as a result. We will deliver you a report on the reading by our paper proofreader that will point out, without going into the deep technical analysis, what your paper"s successes and defects are, and offer suggestions for improvement.

Edit my paper - Critical comment

This is an in-depth analysis of the text"s narrative: characters, structure, focus, rhythm, atmosphere (literary works only). We will send you a detailed report of all these aspects, with explanations, examples, suggestions and probable bibliography to consider - all that will allow you to access possible solutions of the problems that the text presents.

Proofread my paper: what points do we consider?

Originality and Importance - Is the research/journalistic or literary investigation original and relevant in the field of study? How does the article differ from other articles in this field?

Target Audience - Who will be interested in reading the article, and why?

Feasibility of publication - Is there a minimum amount of works to support the main purpose of the paper? Is it realistic to add works of more authors in this work?

Style and structure - Our proofreader will check if your article is coherent, easy to read, precise, well-structured. If not, do not worry: we will find a way to make it more accessible

Ethics - Does the article/paper contain unfair or plagiarized materials? Are all the ethical considerations taken into account?

Introduction - Is it clear, well structured? Is the context and aim of the paper well defined and adequate? Is the problem clearly presented and argued?

Methodology (scientific articles only) - From the description of the materials and methods, can a specialist reproduce the research? Did the authors add appropriate sources to the bibliography? Is statistical analysis performed according to the standards?

Results - What are the major results? Are they convincing? If not, what other evidence would be helpful?

Discussion, conclusion - Are all the results interpreted correctly? Are they discussed adequately and in relation to the bibliography? Are the implications pragmatic, devoid of unjustified speculations or generalizations?

Diagrams and charts - Are all the labels, titles, legends and axes in order and in place? Are they all useful? Are the figures of high quality or at least legible? Are the colors in correspondence with the text"s style?

Bibliography - Is it relevant to the content of the article or paper? Are there too many or too few references? Are the most important works in the field of expertise mentioned?

We know how to put you in the author's place! As a result, with our professional proofreader, the content of your papers is always relevant, constructive and well written.

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